What is the Insurance Breakfast Club?

A structured professional development programme spanning 12 months for female identifying future leaders in insurance. 

IBC is designed to help secure and accelerate the female talent pipeline, supporitng career progression through a series of highly practical, bite-sized, industry specific professional development events.

This fully managed talent programme is led by experienced coaches with in-depth knowledge of the industry and draws on valuable insights from market leaders.

What can I expect?
  • 1-2-1 induction coaching session to inform the programme topics & set each member up for success

  • Programme launch event with a focus on building a broad, professional network

  • 5 x 1.5 hour practical skill building workshops covering critical components of career success such as:

    – Creating a successful career strategy

    – Making an impact & influencing stakeholders

    – Developing career resilience

    – Presenting your best self with confidence

    – Raising your profile to progress

  • 3 x mentoring events with a diverse group of carefully selected market leaders aligned with member development goals & aspirations:

    – Navigating your career in a changing market – an expert round table session

    – Speed mentoring event with valuable insights from programme sponsors & mentors

    – Group mentoring event with market leaders from across the industry

    • Optional panel training series to build skills & confidence, culminating in a live panel session with feedback from market experts

    • Programme close with opportunity to present to sponsors & market leaders

    • Access to additional 1-2-1 coaching at a reduced cost

  • Permanent membership in the IBC Alumni with access to further professional development events
What topics will be included?

The programme for each IBC cohort is tailored to the group. Through the 1-2-1 executive coaching we determine the key themes of value for the groups’ development & use these to create the bespoke skill sessions. These typically include: 

  • Building & leveraging a powerful professional network
  • Creating a successful career strategy
  • Making an impact and influencing stakeholders
  • Developing career resilience
  • Presenting your best self with confidence
  • Raising your profile to progress your career
  • Maximising your effectiveness as a manager
  • Strategic thinking
  • Coaching as a leader
  • Setting professional boundaries
  • Developing your leadership style

In addition, members have access to valuable insights from a diverse group of leaders from across the industry via group mentoring events on topics such as developing a leadership approach, setting a culture, developing your management style, dealing with challenging stakeholders, overcoming career obstacles and finding balance.

Who is Insurance Breakfast Club for?

IBC is exclusively for women working within the risk and insurance sector who aspire to progress their careers and are keen to develop their skills. 

It is aimed at women who work in client or market-facing roles, operations, claims or supporting functions.

The club is designed to bridge the gap between graduate schemes and senior leadership programmes. Full membership criteria are available on request.

How do we apply to join the Breakfast club?

Membership is paid for by your organisation so we recommend that you speak to your manager to talk about how the progreamme aligns with your development goals and to ask if they will support your membership. 

Alternatively your HR or learning and development manager should be able to help.

You can also contact us for more information and we will be happy to advise if your organisation has a current membership and who the internal contacts are, connecting you directly if you wish. 

There is a short nomniation process designed to ensure that IBC is the best development option for you at this time in your career. For more details please contact us on ibc@theprogresspartnership.com or via the contact form here. 

What time of the day will the breakfast club be held?

The majority of sessions are held in a central city location running between 8.30 am – 10 am with one or two run or 4 – 5.30pm with optional networking time afterwards. Members tell us that this schedule is helpful to minimise the time out of the working day.

What happens if a session is missed?

With busy work schedules it’s likely that during the 12 month programme there will be one or two sessions that clash with other commitments. In order to minimise the risk & ensure members do not miss any programme value, we plan as follows:

  • Dates are planned carefully to avoid month & quarter end, school holidays, key religious events & major market conferences.
  • We share the dates for all sessions at the start of the programme & send calendar invitations directly into member diaries
  • If a member misses a session we ensure they are brought up to speed as follows:
  • They have access to all resources, handouts & supporting information via the IBC portal
  • They are placed in an accountability group with members who did attend the session
  • Accountability partners are advised that a partner missed the session & asked to share with them the core discussions from the session
  • If, after reviewing the resources & speaking with their accountability group there are still questions the IBC team are available by phone & e-mail to support.
  • The IBC team are also aways available before & after planned sessions to chat as needed.

In addition, all learning material is available 24/7 on the IBC membership portal for the duration of the programme.

What happens at the end of the programme?

At the end of the programme, members have the opportunity to present to the sponsors from their organisation giving the chance to showcase the ROI in terms of their learning as well as to raise their profile with market leaders from across the industry.

Upon completion of the programme, all members will remain part of a wider IBC network, with an additional 12 months access to all content via the membership and alumni networking events. They will also be welcome to join us at future IBC cohort events (subject to numbers) and encouraged to stay involved as a mentor to the next group. 

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