The Insurance Breakfast Club helps organisations within risk & insurance to develop a pipeline of female talent and accelerate their progression through a series of highly practical, bite-sized, industry-specific development events.

We feel strongly that in order to ensure women have the chance to thrive in their careers they need two things:

1 – a supportive, flexible, inclusive environment in which they can bring their full talents to work

2 – confidence, knowledge, skills & a strong professional network

Through our consulting business The Progress Partnership we help companies achieve no. 1 and The Insurance Breakfast Club provides no. 2.


The Insurance Breakfast Club helps organisations to develop a pipeline of female talent and accelerate their progression through a series of highly practical, bite-sized, industry-specific development events.


% of women given access to to L&D resources by their organisation expect to progress their career at their existing organisation


Average % gender pay gap in UK insurance sector

Organisations that want to improve inclusion, increase female talent retention, add valuable diversity of thought to boost business results & help reduce their gender pay gap in the long-term can join the club and nominate up to 4 talented women to attend a 10 month long fully managed programme of events.

Members can expect:

  • One to one coaching induction. To understand individual career goals & set each person up for success in the programme.
  • To develop a broad range of relevant skills & knowledge. That will accelerate their progression in the workplace.
  • To develop a powerful network of professionals from across the sector. Providing valuable support throughout their careers & immediate access to a market-wide professional network.
  • To gain access to industry leaders. So that they can learn from & replicate their success.
  • 24/7 access to online development portal.
  • Providing members with access to resources ensuring easy transfer of new skills back to the workplace.

Sponsoring organisations can expect:

  • An accelerated pipeline of female talent, helping to improve the progression of women in your organisation & ultimately help reduce the gender pay gap
  • More motivated team members equipped with new skills and resources. Enabling them to perform their current and future roles more effectively
  • Increased engagement from this population. Leading to higher retention, satisfaction & productivity at work
  • More confident individuals in their current roles and with clarity on how they each want to progress within the organisation
  • Raised profile in the market as an inclusive employer
  • Helping to attract new & diverse talent to your organisation
  • Talented individuals with valuable broad market understanding. Enabling them to better predict & respond to client needs, overcome business challenges & leverage opportunities
  • Feedback on key development themes from the entire cohort. Bringing valuable live data & insights into internal talent initiatives.

Who is the club for?

Exclusively for women working within the risk & insurance sector, the club is designed to bridge the gap between graduate schemes & senior leadership programmes.

It is ideal for women who:

  • you identify as talented; those you want to retain and develop
  • work in client or market facing roles, operations, finance, claims or supporting functions
  • aspire to progress in their careers, have a growth mindset and are keen to develop their skills as well as support others to do the same
  • have a line manager who supports their development.

Typically, women being nominated / invited to apply for this programme have between 10 and 15 years experience in the market.

Experience is not a strict criterion, we share this only as a guide. Aspiration and potential to progress as well as an open mindset to development being the most important areas to ensure full participation and engagement (and therefore success) on the programme. All potential members will be interviewed prior to acceptance to ensure that this programme is best suited to their development needs. 

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