Hosted by:
Katherine Bryant & Sharon Morse from The Progress Partnership

The Insurance Breakfast Club;
career accelerator for female insurance professionals

The Insurance Breakfast Club is a 12 month career development programme exclusively for female insurance professionals.

Our unique format is guaranteed to progress your career, build your sector expertise, improve your profile & expand your professional network in bite sized sessions throughout 2023.

Key benefits for members include:


Clarity and direction in your insurance career


Key career skills such as impact & influence, coaching & resilience


Develop your presence as a leader


Expand your professional network





Your membership will give you access to:

A tailored programme with:

  • 30 minute induction coaching calls to ensure we understand each member and their individual needs
  • Orientation to ensure & they maximise the value of the programme

10 bespoke events throughout the year including:

  • Launch event and powerful networking session

Introducing members to all the development resources available on the programme as well as their new supportive network of peers from across the industry with whom they can build deep professional relationships based on shared values and inclusion.

  • 5 x 1 ½ hour bite sized development workshops covering the critical components for career success such as:
  • 2 x industry expert round table sessions on industry hot topics such as:

Demystifying Insurtech
A masterclass in innovation
Navigating your career in a changing market

To ensure members are on top of the latest insurance topics, expanding their network and being inspired.

  • Summer mentoring event including valuable career insights from market leaders

Hearing from established leaders will help to inspire members to progress and learn from them how to navigate key career milestones and challenges.

  • Programme close with an opportunity to present to sponsors and market leaders

This gives members the opportunity to raise their profile, practice and demonstrate skills developed and share insights from the programme.

Exclusive development materials

  • Supporting workbooks or toolkits for every session
  • Access to exclusive online portal where members have 24/7 access to articles, videos, key research and other career building information

Providing members with ongoing development support 365 days a year.

An opportunity to practice skills and to “Pay it forward”

  • By getting involved in mentoring events to support young people who are interested in careers in the city

To develop and practice mentoring and coaching skills whilst raising awareness of insurance careers to a new and diverse audience

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