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We feel strongly that in order to ensure women have the chance to thrive in their careers they need two things:

1 – a supportive, flexible, inclusive environment in which they can bring their full talents to work

2 – confidence, knowledge, skills & a strong professional network

Through our consulting business The Progress Partnership we help companies achieve no. 1 and The Insurance Breakfast Club provides no. 2.


The Insurance Breakfast Club will help you develop your pipeline of female talent and accelerate their progression through a series of highly practical, bite-sized, industry-specific development events.


% of women given access to to L&D resources by their organisation expect to progress their career at their existing organisation


Average % gender pay gap in UK insurance sector

Organisations that want to improve inclusion, increase female talent retention, add valuable diversity of thought to boost business results & help reduce their gender pay gap in the long-term can join the club and nominate up to 4 talented women to attend a 10 month long fully managed programme of events.

Members can expect:

  • One to one coaching induction. To understand individual career goals & set each person up for success in the programme.
  • To develop a broad range of relevant skills & knowledge. That will accelerate their progression in the workplace.
  • To develop a powerful network of professionals from across the sector. Providing valuable support throughout their careers & immediate access to a market-wide professional network.
  • To gain access to industry leaders. So that they can learn from & replicate their success.
  • 24/7 access to online development portal.
  • Providing members with access to resources ensuring easy transfer of new skills back to the workplace.

Sponsoring organisations can expect:

  • An accelerated pipeline of female talent.
  • That will help improve the progression of women in your organisation & ultimately help reduce the gender pay gap.
  • Motivated team members equipped with new skills and resources. Enabling them to perform their current and future roles more effectively.
  • Increased engagement from this population. Leading to higher retention, satisfaction & productivity at work.
  • Raised profile in the market as an inclusive employer.
  • Helping to attract new & diverse talent to your organisation.
  • Talented individuals with valuable broad market understanding. Enabling them to better predict & respond to client needs, overcome business challenges & leverage opportunities.
  • Feedback on key development themes from the entire cohort. Bringing valuable live data & insights into internal talent initiatives.

Who is the club for?

Exclusively for women working within the risk & insurance sector, the club is designed to bridge the gap between graduate schemes & senior leadership programmes.

It is ideal for women who:

  • Are identified as talented, those you want to develop & retain
  • Work in client or market-facing roles, operations, claims or supporting functions
  • Aspire to progress in their careers and are keen to develop their skills

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