Here are some free resources, similar to those we share with our members along with video training, recommended articles, books, videos etc… within the membership portal.

Please feel free to download these to help you to take control of your career and progress. 

Non-Icky Self Promotion Toolkit

What is the no 1 thing women in insurance say holds them back?
Is the 1 thing senior women say is the best advice they can give?
Is borne out by research that shows it has more impact on your career success than anything else?

The ability to self promote; to talk about your achievements at work.

“YUK!” I hear you say “Talking about myself is so icky!”.

Well Yuk no more, just download this toolkit for 21 ways to get the recognition and reward you deserve with no “ick”.

Essential Networking Checklist

If you understand the value of building a powerful network but you’re not sure where to start – this is for you! 44 easily accessible (& mostly free) places to meet like minded professionals from within the industry.

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